Commentary on the Gospel of

Joe Zaborowski

Feast of the Holy Innocents

As I pondered today’s readings I didn’t seem to see a connection between the first reading from 1 John and the Gospel. In the first reading there is the reminder that we are all sinful and if we don’t face this reality “we deceive ourselves.” Of the fact that I am a sinner, there is no doubt.  The good news is that John provided the solution in his first letter. I’m reminded there is an Advocate for me and all of us in “Jesus Christ the righteous one.” In that I can take reassurance.

The Psalm for the day reinforces this theme by comforting me that “Our souls will be rescued like a bird from the fowler’s snare” with the promise the Lord is with me. As I read the Gospel again, the connection between the first reading and last one of the day becomes clearer in my mind. The Father did protect his son Jesus as a child by sending an angel to Joseph and warning him to flee with his family to Egypt. Once again I can see God is there to intervene with his grace. What struck me most is that whether dealing with the Holy Family or an ordinary sinner like myself I know I’ll always have an Advocate if I choose to walk in the path of light. This fits well in the spiritual journey I took during the Advent Season and now celebrating these weeks during the Christmas Season. The light that shines from my still-lit Christmas tree points to the birth of Jesus and the ultimate fulfillment of salvation history for myself and all mankind.


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