Commentary on the Gospel of

Tami Whitney

What’s our best measure of success? Our faith. The victor is the one who believes in Jesus. Jesus was actually born. He is our savior by blood through his birth in human form and by his death. Jesus is fully human, born as a baby from a human woman, and fully God. Those who acknowledge his humanity and his divinity are the winners and their prize is eternal life. Those who believe in God and Jesus and praise him are blessed, and their children are blessed, and they are blessed with life everlasting. But there are also benefits here. The leper believes in Jesus and believes Jesus can heal him. He has faith, and he is healed. He wins because of his faith and his belief, and his prize is healing.

When we believe in God, when we believe in Jesus, we win. And our prize is the blessing of our faith, healing here, and life everlasting.


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