Commentary on the Gospel of

Joe Zaborowski

As I progress through the Lenten season and take stock of my progress these readings certainly speak to my heart. Jeremiah in particular helps me to remember my priorities in life. God always comes first. Reliance on him alone before anyone or anything is something I need to keep in focus. During Lent I’m no different than most of us. There is always an extra effort on the spiritual. Spending time in quiet prayer and meditation, fasting, almsgiving and the traditional practices of Lent make up my Lenten routine. The purpose is always to draw closer to God. The reading from Jeremiah confirms the importance of these actions.

The Lenten season begins with the application of the ashes when I’m reminded “thou art dust and to dust thou shall return.” Both the Gospel and the Old Testament reading tell me there is more after death. In Jeremiah we are told: “the LORD, alone probe the mind and test the heart, to reward everyone according to his ways, according to the merit of his deeds.” A more vivid picture of eternity is portrayed. Lazarus’ reward is much different than the rich man. Some would be chilled by this image. To me these readings  have a hopeful message when examined past first glance. If I avoid the way of the wicked and follow and trust in the Lord I have assurance his grace will be upon me. So as Lent continues I hope to persist in responding to the grace of the Lord and turning my heart to the Lord.


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