Commentary on the Gospel of

Susan Tinley

The royal official, who begged Jesus to save his son from death, was granted the miracle because of his faith in Jesus' ability to do so. He persisted even after initially being denied. This is the second miracle that Jesus performs in Cana. The first was at the wedding feast when his mother also did not accept her son's response that it was not his time and she told the stewards to do whatever he told them to do resulting in his changing water into wine.  Both parents (Mary and the royal official) had full confidence in Jesus' ability to grant their requests.

It is so natural for parents to worry and wish for whatever is best for their children. Years ago, when my youngest brother-in-law graduated from college, my husband remarked to his father about what a relief it must be to have all of the kids done with college and not to have to worry about them. His father replied, "You never stop worrying." Parents do not stop worrying just because their children are adults. It is not because they do not trust their children; it is because of the love a parent has for their child and wanting what is best for him. I am sure that there were many times both my parents and my in-laws took their worries to God and we benefitted from those prayers.


Ever since our oldest was born, many of my prayer intentions have focused on one or more of our six children. There is always something they need (maybe not always in their view, but at least in mine). Often it seems that those prayers are not being heard – then it becomes apparent that it was better that a request was not initially granted, but rather in God's time and God's way, not mine.


I think today’s gospel provides a very clear message for all of us about having faith and asking God for what we need. It especially rings true for parents who are worried for their children. When we take our worries and desires for our children to God in our prayers, we need to trust in God's wisdom about what is best for them and his love for them being even stronger than our own.


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