Commentary on the Gospel of

Carol Zuegner - Creighton University Student

I really like the glimpses we get of the apostles in the gospels because those glimpses also let us see the human side of Jesus, his patience and his love for them. These men were often confused, puzzled, ready to believe, but they are human. Jesus tells them to not let their hearts be troubled because he has a place for them. They know the way. But Thomas and Philip are not so sure. Their hearts and minds haven’t quite caught up. We, like the apostles, have to believe, and if we believe, that’s just the beginning. We have to believe and live the belief every day. Jesus and his message are the way, the truth and the life. At times, we will be like Philip: If you could just give us a clue, give us a little something. We have been shown the way. If we believe and follow the way, we have to love our neighbor. We have to walk on the right path. That’s not always easy. We know the right way. We are looking for a detour, that shortcut because it can be difficult. There are no shortcuts.


The second reading reinforces that idea of no shortcuts. We are laying the cornerstone of a spiritual house. Anyone who has tackled any project knows the importance of the cornerstone, the first steps to get you on the right track on building something that will last. Like the builders who measure twice and cut once, we know we have to prepare, to take the right steps. We have to build our faith and our lives on that cornerstone. When we do, even if we are confused and puzzled, Jesus will soothe our troubled hearts. My prayer today is that I listen when Jesus calls us out of darkness into his wonderful light. I pray that the light shows me the way, the truth and the life.


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