Commentary on the Gospel of

Catie O'Malley

Someone told me once that God always answers prayers. It might not be instantaneous; it may even be years or decades into the future. It might not be executed to our exact specifications, (it has been my experience that it is usually better than that) but they are always fulfilled. In today’s Psalm, we ask God to answer us, and he does.


Collectively, humans are a people of doubt. If one thing goes wrong, if one prayer isn’t answered exactly how we asked for it, then we assume God isn’t listening. We may be disheartened and lose faith, causing us to take measures into our own hands, thinking we can solve our problems better or faster than God can. But slow down and reflect, because we are deceived if we truly believe God isn’t listening.


My pastor challenged me to open my eyes to God’s faithfulness by listing out, one-by-one all of my answers to prayer. Two pages later, with still many more illustrations not yet listed, I realized that I am indeed beyond blessed. He is always faithful. My life is a series of answered prayers.


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