Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Maria Arul Jesu Robin, cmf


There was a big piece of stone on the road. The passersby noticed it. They simply complained of it being on the road. But the stone did not mind at all. Once there travelled Michael Angelo. He saw the stone not as a piece of an object but a potential great piece of art. Making use of his talent, he made a stunning statue of David, the king. How did he transform this abandoned stone into a fascinating statue of David? Simple. He removed whatever is unnecessary and beautified whatever is needed. 

Prepare the way of the Lord is the theme of today’s liturgy. What is the way of the Lord? According to the First Testament, observing the ten commandments and other regulations and statutes that the Lord gave to the people is the way of the Lord. God prepared the people of Israel through Prophet Moses. Yet, they did not lead a life according to God’s way. God punished for the same. Yet, God did not abandon them, He would take care of them like the good shepherd (First reading). The God who prepared the people of Israel exhorts the people to prepare the way of the Lord by repenting. This is the season of preparation, season of repentance. 

The season of Advent invites us to prepare fully the coming of Jesus, being forgiven by him and thus to enter the kingdom of God. In Today’s Gospel, John the Baptist invites us “to repent and be baptised.” The people of that time did not live according to Lord’s way. They were leading a sinful way. They were like sheep without shepherd. They lived as they wanted. It is in this context that John insisted the only way to prepare the coming of the Lord is to repent and lead a life according to God’s command. In the second reading, Peter tells us the way to prepare the coming of the Lord is by being blemish and at peace. Even if we have committed so much of sins, God does not abandon us. But he needs our conversion, a change of heart. “The God who created us without our permission will not save us without our consent” (St. Augustine). We are all sinner and all of us need conversion (cf. 2Jn 1:8-10). Let us repent and prepare ourselves for the coming of our Lord.  


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