Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Maria Arul Jesu Robin, cmf

Advent is a time of expectation. We are in expectation. There is expectation at home for the birth of a new baby. There is anxious expectation for a baby for nine months. Expectation is the theme of today’s liturgy. Yes, a son will be born in the family of David. He will be a king like David. He will reign and govern wisely. He will do only what is just and right. Justice will be his hallmark. This is fulfilled by the birth of Jesus who was born to the descendant of David as Joseph was his father. Not only Jesus would be just but his father Joseph was also a just and righteous man. Justice also means not gossiping, not maligning one’s good name, not assassinating one’s character and not ridiculing the weak and putting them into shame. Joseph was a just and righteous man because this was what he did to Mary who was found to be with a child before her marriage with Joseph. Loving all children specially those rejected by the society like child Jesus is also justice. Considering each child as the image of God irrespective of so called beauty is also expression of justice. Upbringing the child with social consciousness and selfless motives and allowing the child to live for others are also expressions of justice. Are we just like Joseph and Jesus? What is justice for us? 


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