Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Maria Arul Jesu Robin, cmf

For centuries, Africans were not considered as human beings and they were treated like animals in the human market. Abraham Lincoln, the former president of United States of America genuinely felt like being called by God for the mission of abolishing human slavery from the face of the earth. Being inspired by his step mother Sarah Bush, he began to study law. In November 1861, he abolished slavery as the president of United States of America. In 1865, he was assassinated by the fanatic racists. First Testament mentions of a few people who dedicated their lives for others. They were called Nazarites (cf. Num 6:1-27). They drank neither wine nor any strong drink. No razor touched their heads. They were possessed by the Holy Sprit.  They had great power of God. Samson as well as John the Baptist were Nazarites specially called by God to dedicate themselves for the uplift of the poor and needy. Samson was called to liberate Israel from the Philistines. John was chosen to prepare the way of the Lord and enable people to receive the Messiah well disposed. In a general sense, we are all Nazarites, called by God to dedicate our lives for the liberation of the poor, exploited and marginalized. Am I ready? 


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