Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Maria Arul Jesu Robin, cmf


From the beginning of humanity, human beings have been in constant search for God, for something beyond. There are many god men throughout the world teaching people to seek God. Many people madly go after them in search of God. In the early Church, monks withdrew to mountains and deserts seeking God. Some people flock shrines and pilgrimage centres thinking God would be found right there. In this context of people going in search of God far and near, the birth of Jesus gives us all together a different message – God in search of his people. The God, whom we seek, is coming to us in search of us. Our God, Jesus is not a distant God who lives in a faraway place. He is not an unapproachable God like the God of Abraham, God of Isaac and God of Jacob (cf. Gn 32:30; Ex 33:20; Jg 6:22-23) . He is not a God who frightens us. He is a God like any one of us. He dwells among us. He is Immanuel, a God who is among us. He is a God who knows our dreams, desires, difficulties, confusions, frustrations and problems. He is poor like us having no place even to be born. He cares for us and he is concerned about us. He is a God who shares our joys and sufferings. Our God is not found in big temples, Churches, lakes, festivals, sacrifices, rituals but outside the town in a small manger wrapped in bands of cloth. Yes, our God is simple and humble. He is the God of the poor and oppressed. This God is Jesus who is born for us today. We can find Jesus only in the poor and the exploited. We find Jesus when we work for the uplift of the poor, needy and marginalized in the society. We find Jesus in the sufferings of the poor. We find Jesus in our needy brothers and sisters. Where do we seek God?f


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