Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Maria Arul Jesu Robin, cmf


Once Mahatma Gandhi, the father of India was asked, “Supposing you are walking in the forest with your father and mother and suddenly there comes a lion, whom would you save, your father or your mother?” Gandhi thought for a while and said, “I would jump in front of my parents and become the prey to lion and thus I would save both my parents by sacrificing my life.” Today, we celebrate the feast of Holy Family. A good family will form good people and good leaders. The entire world and its seven billion people speak of a poor family of Nazareth. The Son of this family Jesus is the saviour of the world. Though he is God, he understood the value of family. So, he was born in a family. God loves family. He created the first family of Adam and Eve. When God destroyed the world by flood, he saved not just Noah but the family of Noah. Our God himself is a Trinitarian God. He is not alone but he is one in three persons. And there is perfect love among these three persons. So, the very nature of God manifests God’s high regard for family. 

In the Holy family of Joseph, Mary and Jesus, there was selfless love among themselves. Though Joseph hesitated in the beginning, after discerning the will of God, he loved Mary so much till the end. He accompanied Mary and Jesus in all the critical situations. He was a good father. He taught obedience and wisdom to Jesus. Mary was so worried with Joseph when Jesus was lost in the Jerusalem temple. She treasured Jesus’ words in her heart and pondered over them day and night. She lived for her son Jesus. She accompanied Jesus on his most painful journey to Calvary. Jesus did not abandon her mother Mary. Even while hanging on the cross with terrible mental and physical sufferings, he did not forget his mother. He safely handed her over to his beloved disciple John. The holy family was a model family for peace. In spite of their difficulties and sufferings, the holy family was always peaceful. It was a prayerful and God-fearing family. Let the holy family inspire each of our family. Let us pray that each of our families become like the holy family    


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