Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Maria Arul Jesu Robin, cmf

Thomas Becket, bp, mt 

Simeon might have been coming to Jerusalem temple so many times expecting to see the Messiah one day. Today is the day. Simeon inspired by the Holy Spirit instantly recognised Jesus as the Messiah. He constantly relied on God for direction in his life. That is why he was fully guided by the Holy Spirit. Simeon understood clearly that many would not accept Jesus as the Messiah and he would be facing strong opposition. So, he confidently predicted the troubles ahead for Jesus and his parents. He foresaw that the Pharisees would offer Jesus nothing but blind opposition and persecution. Simeon was earnestly seeking Jesus and he found him. Are we looking for Jesus today? Where do we seek Jesus? Jesus is present today in many ways among us. We need to recognise him. He is present very specially in the Word of God and the Eucharist. Like the disciples of Emmaus, we need to recognise Jesus in the breaking of the Word and the breaking of the bread. He is present among our brothers and sisters. Like Teresa of Child Jesus and mother Teresa of Calcutta, we need to recognise Jesus in the poor and needy.     


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