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Tamora Whitney-Creighton University English Department

Where does God dwell?

In Exodus, Moses creates a dwelling, per God’s instructions, and in it places the Ark of the Covenant containing the Ten Commandments. It is a place where God can visit and communicate with his people. Moses follows the Lord’s instructions perfectly and creates a place appropriate for the Ark, and a place where God can dwell. And God did come there and communicate with his people and let them know when it was safe to move, and when to stay. He dwelt with them and protected them.
The Psalm talks about dwelling in the house of the Lord, but don’t we really? This world is God’s creation. He made it for us so we would have a place to live. All of creation is beautiful and holy. The sparrows have their nests, and God protects them. We have this world for our home, the world God created.
And how much better will it be to live in the house of the Lord forever? The Psalmist says he would rather live one day with the Lord than a thousand with the wicked, but those who will be with the Lord for eternity will be with the Lord for eternity. And those who will end up with the wicked will be there for eternity too. Jesus says everyone will die of course, but the good will be sorted into the Kingdom of Heaven and the wicked into the fiery furnace.
Where does God dwell? In all of creation and in our hearts. And if he does dwell in us, then we will dwell with him forever in the Kingdom of Heaven.


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