Commentary on the Gospel of

Susan Tinley-Creighton University's School of Nursing

Curiosity is said to kill the cat, and sometimes I get concerned that it may lead to the demise of our cat. However, in today's gospel, curiosity leads to a very different outcome for Zacchaeus.

As a tax collector, Zacchaeus is considered by the crowd to be unworthy of Christ's attention. He not only receives Christ's attention, Christ wants to stay at his house! As part of this encounter with Christ, Zacchaeus receives the gifts of faith and love freeing him from his selfcentered focus on amassing wealth. He puts Christ at the center of his life which frees Zacchaeus to imitate Christ's mercy and love by giving half of his possessions to the poor and

making restitution to those he may have cheated.

So much can be learned from this gospel account. We learn that even though we are unworthy of Christ's attention, he will seek us out and he will stay with us. If we choose to acknowledge His loving presence, we will be freed of our self-centered focus and able to share his abundant love with others.

" 'Don't be afraid, go to him, he is waiting for you, he will take care of everything,' We hear many offers from the world around us, but let us take up God's offer instead: his is is a caress of love." [Taken from: The Church of Mercy; a Vision for the Church by Pope Francis.]


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