Commentary on the Gospel of

Creighton University Students


Let us give glory to Christ, the image of God, as we call upon him in faith:

Christ, Son of God, hear us.

Son of God, you showed us the Father’s love,

- reveal him to men and women through the love we show toward one another.

You revealed yourself as Lord of life,

- now grant us the fullness of your life.

Let our bodies be signs of your life,

- as we bear your dying in our flesh.

Illuminate our hearts,

- with the brilliant knowledge of God’s light.


Closing Prayer: 

You have said that we could ask for anything
and you would grant it.
Give me only the ability to trust you, Lord.

My mind and heart are so often at war with each other
and I am used to a life in which my own needs come first.
But I long to live my life as you lived yours,
filled with the love of and compassion for others.


Give me the great grace to be more humble
and to demand less in my life.
Let me see the needs of others
as more important than my own.


Too often I am at the center of my life;
Help me to do the impossible:
to put you in that central place.


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