Commentary on the Gospel of

Joan Kowalski - Creighton University's Student Life Division

When reading this Gospel, I am moved by the willingness of Levi, son of Alphaeus, leaving his post to follow Jesus. Jesus asked him to “Follow me,” and without hesitation, Levi got up, left his position, and followed our Savior. This to me exemplifies trusting in Jesus, our Lord and Savior, to take us on a journey to places we might not otherwise find ourselves.

However, this Gospel reading holds a much deeper message for me as a Christian. Jesus dined with the tax collectors and the sinners, the lowliest of low, at a dinner. He made himself available to be in supper with people who needed his love and forgiveness in a very desperate way. I have found life brings me many opportunities to be present for people who otherwise do not have a voice in the worldly conversations. Those people who are struggling to find joy and redemption in all the wrong places. God places us right where he wants us to be and the times he wants us to be there. To open a home up to people who otherwise would never receive an invitation to hear the good news of our loving Savior, Jesus Christ, is where God can and will lead us, just as Jesus led Levi.

It is so easy to not be in those special places, to ignore those who are stricken with such shame, such hopelessness that they feel lost, and continue to make the wrong decisions, only perpetuating their misery. Jesus needs to be at the center of those who daily look for some type of hope in their existence here on earth. Just stop for a minute, pause, look around for those opportunities. They are there right in front of our faces, we simply don’t take the time to recognize the struggles and the pain.

For those of us who have an intimate relationship with our Savior, we are blessed beyond any human understanding.  It is the Holy Spirit that lives within each of us that increases our desire to share the good news of salvation. The ultimate physician is there for all who are sick and weary, we just need to call His name. For those who don’t have this intimate spiritual relationship, we need to share this good news of the saving grace they too can receive, if they simply call out and acknowledge Jesus as their Savior.

Imagine the a world of hope… if each of us in our own way were to stop and help those who are sick, who struggle, who need comfort. God’s intention is for each of us to be a beacon of light to this lost world. God knows what we are capable of doing…He is trusting us to be His light in this world.  Stop…Look…Feel…Pray…Care…Love…do not ignore those opportunities. Thank God for those opportunities. Be that one person who dines with those who need to know the Good News. Do spread that message of hope.

Dear Lord, help me to be patient as you bring your plan in my life to it’s fullness. I can’t do this without you…Amen!


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