Commentary on the Gospel of

Mariana Miller-Creighton University's Campus Ministry

God is faithful! God wants to duel with us and is simply asking that we make room.

In the first reading God askes David to build him a house. God goes through all that he had done for David and all that he will do for David and his descendants, showing him that God is faithful and is just asking for a permanent official place to duel among David and his people forever. In the responsorial psalm we see how God re-confirms his covenant with his people. God wants to be with us and asks our permission for it. God asks that we open our heart to God's love. God does not impose Godself onto us. God loves us first, promises to stay with us, but asks only that we may receive God. Doesn’t it sound wonderful? It sounds like an easy, natural thing to do. It should be! Who would consciously not be open to love unconditional? We sometimes are not… It sounds great! But… Part of us starts thinking: “What am I going to have to give back? What will this mean for my comfortable life? What if I fail? Well, I don’t really want to deal with it, I’m too busy right now.” And that’s exactly what Jesus talks about in the parables: God’s invitation, God’s word falls in rocky surface, it sounds like a great plan, but… our hearts are hardened by all our preoccupations. These are certainly legitimate, but God’s message is: “Let me in! Let me duel with you! Just trust me!”

The only thing God asks of us is to let God in our hearts, in our lives, in our relationships, in our thoughts, in our activities… God asks that we build a dueling for him, that we are fertile soil for God’s gifts of love and grace. If we fail, well… God’s covenant does not state that we are faithful, but that God is! And we are always welcome back home with God.

Let’s pray today that we accept the grace to trust God’s unconditional love to us. The grace to put the rocks and thorns present our hearts and minds, in our activities and relationships, in God’s hands to be transformed in rich soil so we can bear fruit for our own personal growth, for our families, for our communities.


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