Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr. Manuel Ogalla, CMF

More than 800 millions of people are suffering the sorrows of hunger. One out of every 33 habitants of the earth is forced to migrate from his country. The genocide against Christians in Syria and Iraq is generating more and more deaths and conflicts on the Turkish borders. Domestic violence is still increasing in Europe and many women are still suffering the consequences… The world is so tired of watching on the television or reading in the newspapers pieces of information like these. Society is full up with too much bad news. The Mass Media overflows with bloody features about murders, distortions, robberies, abuses and so on. Our neighbours seem to be used only to the negative side of society. They seem to be sunk in the abyss of depression and hopelessness. It seem that for our people everything is dark and without any possible better future. Our world is in great need of Good News.

This is the brave shout of the prophet Nahum to his fellow citizens. Hope is still alive, the fire is still burning, and the fresh wind is blowing shyly but confidently. Nahum had to fight against fear and against a profound lack of confidence. His people were lost in the futility of a depraved society without values. Even God seemed to have disappeared or appeared perhaps too busy with his own business. Nahum´s context was not far from the current situation. Nahum´s prophecy is still very present in our modern and post-modern world. Nahum´s vision is the antithesis of the vicious proclamation shouted by Zarathustra: “God is dead!” and with him hope and faith, love and tenderness, justice and mercy. However, Jesus Christ is risen from death and is alive among us; his Spirit is the source of life and a new hopeful horizon. And we, as Christians, we are witnesses of this powerful message. We are bearers of Good News. We are living signs of hope and mercy. Our mission is to make everybody wake up and proclaim, as we read in the first reading, “See, upon the mountains there advance the bearers of good news, announcing peace!”


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