Commentary on the Gospel of

Fred Hanna-Creighton University's Fine & Performing Arts

In my profession we are constantly correcting mistakes, changing things for the better, repeating and repeating until the section is close to perfect.  Several years ago I found myself in a position of never appreciating the good music that was happening and always being disappointed.  Even after concerts I had lost my passion.  Then one day one of my colleagues said “it must be nice to surrounded by music all day.”  What a revelation!  The wrongs that I was correcting amounted to less than five percent of what we were doing and I was missing the best 95 percent.  There was a lot of great music happening and it is nice to enjoy the music again.


The Gospel today presents a similar issue.  Invitations to a wedding feast had been sent and going should be a joyful, jubilant and happy time.  Why wouldn’t the guests want to go?  I found myself frustrated as to why, just like I’m trying to correct the mistakes again.  Our position is not to question why the guests wouldn’t go, but to simply answer the call and go.  The Kingdom invitation is waiting for us to respond.  Go and be surrounded by the glory of the Lord.


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