Commentary on the Gospel of

Tomás Jesús Marín Mena, cmf

Nowadays, the subject of the borders of our countries in Europe is very current. Today God’s word tells us about a meeting, dreamt by God, which gathers people from all the nations of the world together, for the worship of the Lord.

There is a plurality at the table of the kingdom of God. Jesus says: “They will come from east and west, from north and south”. How beautiful it is to see a Christian community filled with diverse cultures, different colour of faces and various ways of thinking and feeling! How beautiful is the interchange amongst the different ones! How beautiful it would be if all nations could live in communion: the North in balance with the South and the East enriching the West’s vision of life!

The kingdom of God is already among us. But may we go on exclaiming: “Thy kingdom come!”


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