Commentary on the Gospel of

Tomás Jesús Marín Mena, cmf

Let us try to make an update of Jesus’ stern report and get something useful and positive out of the text of today’s gospel.

From 20th century, to be a religious person is not obvious. Many non-religious people can frequently see Christians like Jesus saw the Pharisees, that is, like hypocrites.

Not so far from the truth; sometimes we may see religion as a way of pretending, and by creating a good image of ourselves in front of others, at the same time, we feel safe. Religious objects can be used in order to place ourselves above other people, or even worse, God’s name can be used to ‘rob widows’, i.e., to dominate the vulnerable for our own benefit.

Sometimes we can also close the kingdom of God to our neighbor: condemning people who do not think like us, or being sectarian, or emphasizing the difference between ourselves and other people too much.

In the light of all that, Christian attitude, as St. Paul suggests, is about thanksgiving and endurance in true love and in healthy faith; both these things, so that Christ may be glorified and us in Him.


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