Commentary on the Gospel of

Cindy Costanzo-Creighton University's College of Nursing
Discipline, compassion, empathy are the words that come to mind for today’s readings. My context for this lies within my 40 years spent as a healthcare provider…a nurse….I have had the opportunity to  witness  some of the most intimate family situations following tragedies or celebrations and the sacrifice of others as they have participated either in providing care, helping at the scene, or supporting the aftermath. The human compassion, the response of community, the willingness to give second chances and sacrifice for others is powerful to witness.  As is the opposite…. the failure to respond, the inability to forgive, the unwillingness to take action, as well as the inability to contemplate beyond the rule or policy.  In today’s scripture …I see the same message where Jesus provides a teaching moment for the Pharisees. There is no question when it comes to helping others, You Do It.  The rule of the Sabbath looms overhead but doing the greater good prevails. We are often in positions where our actions will make a difference, the choices we make impact others, the decisions have a ripple effect .... but today’s reading makes me pause and ask, would I have the clarity, the ability to pause and reflect, to process carefully, to consult with others and to make the choice for the greater good?  I would like to think so.


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