Commentary on the Gospel of

Eduardo Madrazo cmf

Luke 7:11-17. “Young man, I tell you, arise!”

So many times we have to get used to seeing people suffering. Images, such as the little Syrian child hurt in a bombed hospital; hundreds of immigrants in a small sinking boat on the Mediterranean coast; or the little dead child held in the Turkish soldier’s arms, catch our attention but only for a while. Those images come out into the news and after a short while they become part of the recent history.

We should put our eyes on Jesus and learn from today’s Gospel. There are a lot of situations in which we can see other kinds of widows. Jesus Christ had pity on her, as we do when we see the above mentioned images. However, Jesus went ahead. After having pity for her, he talked to the widow, touched the boy, told him to arise and gave him to his mother. Do we do the same? Do we touch those situations? Maybe we only stand in pity. Can we get close to any situation where someone is suffering? All of us, as Jesus Christ’s followers, should move to turn all these death situations into life. We can help people to arise from their suffering situations.

Let us pray to God asking him for the Holy Spirit to be in our lives like Jesus, having pity on every one suffering among us, near and far away and also helping them to turn all those death situations into life.


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