Commentary on the Gospel of

Iñaki San Nikolas Guimón, CMF

We are used to introducing everyGospel with such a phrase: ‘At that time’. The point is that in most cases we can easily feel that is completely fulfilled ‘at this very time’ as well. What about Lazarus and the rich man’ story? Let’s say that this is not a story that Jesus invented 2000 years ago. That is, at least, what the latest sociological researches say: 1% of the population of the world has the control of the 99% of the goods (Oxfam, 2016); each 3 seconds a person dies in the world because of hunger (FAO, United Hands, 2015), and each 5 seconds a child, when there would be enough to feed 14 billion people (more than the double of world population) with 2500 kcal a day (which is much more than we usually need); more than one third of the world GDP doesn’t, nowadays, contribute to the common good because is hidden in fiscal paradises, all this while one quarter of most of the European countries are below the poverty threshold (FOESSA, 2014). We are in front of a Lazarus-rich man world. 

Does today’s gospel tell us not to do anything against this injustice? Is the Christian answer just to wait until heaven? If we go deeper and read Luke’s complete gospel, we realize: we are just receiving what Moses and the prophets announced again and again: God’s merciful attitude in us, which impels us not to stay on the sofa but to take the boots (Francis) and start to dance with Jesus’s good Samaritan rhythm; that’s the rhythm we are feeling when we take into account how many Lazarus’ are surrounding us. 

It is not an ‘at that-time’-question. Now is the time to receive God’s invitation to participate in his justice and solidarity supper. Mercy is the best dress we may wear; a comfortable sofa our worst enemy. What are you going to do in front of an everyday suffering situation? What are you going to do today for Lazarus? 

‘Jesus, you have no arms but ours

You have no voice but ours

You have no feet but ours…

Jesus, we are the only Gospel people can read

If we start moving together 

with the music of your mercy for all humanity.

Let us change the world in every little step, hug, word, kiss…

And no Lazarus or rich man will exist. 

Let us be real brothers and sisters in the only father of revolutionary mercy.



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