Commentary on the Gospel of

Iñaki San Nikolas Guimón, CMF

To be honest, a lot of times we can see ourselves with the same situation. Personal, social, world conflicts have, in almost 100% of cases, the same cause: the real problem is not usually the object they are arguing for but which of the arguers is the most important. In fact, this is not going to be the only time this question appears in Luke’s gospel (cf. Lk 22, 24-30). 

What is the importance of a person or a collective based on? Is the importance based on money (the richer you are, the more important you are)? Is it based on fame (the more renown you have, the more important you are)? Is it based on studies, titles, careers..? Is it based on military power, male strength, police repression, …?

Jesus invites us to change radically our world’s way of behaving: ‘the one who is found to be the least among you all, is the one who is the greatest’. There’s no doubt of what is the real meaning of importance when we contemplate the cross for a few seconds. God, crucified God, child God, discreet and disregarded God, a God prepared to give himself till the end to liberate people suffering’ to show that the real path to importance is the real and uniquely Important One. 

Try to be Jesus’ Importance’s light today. Break the old schemes for importance based on me and myself. Try, for this day, the importance of poor, last, oppressed… you will feel the real importance in your heart.


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