Commentary on the Gospel of

Iñaki San Nikolas Guimón, CMF

Follow Jesus to Jerusalem or not? Decide radically to put the child in the centre, to start thinking from the oppressed’s perspective, to take our boots and begin walking to economic, social, religious liberation or stay on the sofa? There are three things we have to take into account if we really don’t want to be a part of the oppressor world.

First of all, this way has not the aim of being comfortable. Some of the new movements seem to search personal and inner peace at any cost. Look around and see how many people are suffering. There’s no relaxing if there is no peace for the last one.

Secondly, no cultural law is more important than God’s Utopia of a world of real brothers and sisters. It is necessary to understand, to feel, to realize that everyone we bury in the world is our brother or sister, and that the main thing is not to focus on the ritual of death but on the reason for that death. Fighting against death’s reasons, especially if they are caused by injustice and oppression, is the way of living as a follower.

Eventually, Jesus reminds us: this way is only possible if we do it with all our heart, by the grace of God. There will be a lot of reasons, some of them very reasonable, to take a break, to look back to the sofa. If we decide to go to Jerusalem, we are going to suffer, our lives are going to get hurt, and we are probably going to be tended to solipsism and mindfulness-selfish-peace. But ‘whoever has put his hand to the plough and looks back is not fit for the kingdom of God’. 

To sum up: to follow Jesus is a radical thing. Are you ready to be radical for Jesus and the kingdom of God? 


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