Commentary on the Gospel of

Iñaki San Nikolas Guimón, CMF
We are surrounded by the miracles of God’s Love.  Everyday happenings are not an accident: it is not accidental- your father your mother, your friends, your sons, your daughters; it is not accidental- each person you meet everyday; it is not accidental how we are: image, talents…; it is not accidental to be alive now, to be capable of taking free breath… each moment, each detail of life is the brilliance of God’s Love.

But it is also true that we, like people from Corozain and Betsaida in Jesus’ time, forget about how many gifts we have been given. We forget about the present of life. This amnesic society’s main problem is this one. Not only what Chesterton used to say: ‘The worst thing of the non believer is to feel the necessity of giving thanks but not to have Anyone to give to’, but that is little by little forgiving to pronounce a deep ‘thanks’ to the all loving God, as Violeta Parra sang years ago. 

Corozain and Betsaida… Europe and developed (it is really humanly developed) society, are you looking for a reason to live? Look at Jesus, look at a thankful life, look at the miracles hidden in each person we use to disregard as we knew everything about them. 


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