Commentary on the Gospel of

Eduardo Madrazo cmf

When we try to understand today Gospel, we realize that is not an easy one. The commentary also is not easy to do. We can focus on two different things: the importance of prayer and the lack of justice. Let's start with the last one. 

In the parable we can see two characters: the judge and the widow. The judge is described in the parable as a man “who neither feared God nor people”. In some other translations it is said that the judge did not take “care about the people”. This character is the prototype of all kinds of injustice and corruption. All the prophets denounced that injustice. But, this is not so far from our days. We need justice in our world. We need prophets that denounce  injustice and announce the Kingdom of God. The widow is the second character. She is absolutely vulnerable in an unjust society. On one hand, she is suffering the injustice of her opponent. On the other hand, she is suffering the injustice of the judge who is not worried about her. This character would be the prototype for many people in our world that nobody defends to achieve their rights and who are silently suffering.

Many times, we have thought that God is in silence while in our world so many injustices are (and were) happening. It is quite difficult to continue praying, especially when there are big injustices, while God still remains in silence. God cannot do justice as we would like to do. We ought to change our mind and our behaviour to achieve real justice, the justice that God likes. Facing the world’s biggest injustices, we have to change our speech about God`s justice.

At the beginning of the Gospel, it is said that Jesus’ aim in telling this parable, is to encourage his disciples to an endless prayer. We are invited to an endless prayer, but maybe we have to start changing our prayer and pray more for those who are suffering injustice in silence. It is our duty: to bring to God (and also to humanity) the cry of those who suffer all kinds of injustices’ in silence. Once more, faith and confidence are at stake. Again, prayer and faith-confidence are inseparable.

Let us pray to the Lord to help us to learn how we must pray and how we can encourage our weak faith.


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