Commentary on the Gospel of

Eduardo Madrazo, cmf

We continue reading Luke`s Gospel and we continue listening to some advice from Jesus. In this Gospel Jesus uses strong language, an unusual language. Probably, it is strange for us. We must understand what Jesus is telling us to avoid some kind of rejection of this Gospel.

Fire and division are strong words. Jesus is talking about fire but, what does it mean? It is a strong image to express that he has a mission to do, and he is willing complete it. He talks also about division. Jesus and his Gospel can`t leave us indifferent; we must take a decision: follow him or not; that decision may cause divisions. Jesus expresses that division saying that he has not come to bring peace. We are not allowed to think that it means that he uses violence. We must remember what he tell us: “my peace I leave you, my peace I give you”. The origin of Jesus` fire is the love for the Father and the love for humanity. He is humble but passionate. He wants all his followers to have the same experience.

We can remember Emmaus` disciples (cf Lk 24:13:35). They meet Jesus (without recognising him), but their heart was on fire when Jesus was telling the Scriptures. Is our heart on fire like that? Can our heart start burning in that way? Let us pray to the Lord to send us the Holy Spirit who can put fire in our lives.


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