Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr Jorge Pinheiro, cmf

By your perseverance you will secure your lives.

The Gospel today is very interesting, because there are two or more ways of looking at things. The disciples of Jesus were excited when they saw the beautiful Temple of Jerusalem, but Jesus looked at another perspective. He did not see a beautiful temple that represented the power, the economics and religious cult of God. He knew that over there was a concentration of injustice and a thieves’ palace. So your interpellation calls us for the true temple. We know today (and certainly whoever wrote the Gospel of Luke knew) that  the destruction of the temple of Jerusalem happened in the year 70 A.D.  The writer uses this information to talk about another reality i.e., about some communication that the end of the world is near. For us today this talk of Jesus with his disciples shows us how to live our life. Certainly to Christians the end of the word isn’t a cause of fear but tranquillity. First it is the meeting of God and second because the Christian life is always about vigilance and preparation for the true temple, the body Our Lord Jesus Christ. We have finished the liturgy of ordinary time and we are invited to see the world with the same perspective as Jesus; a look of mercy!


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