Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr Jorge Pinheiro, cmf

What do you want me to do for you? Lord, please let me see.

The best place for a meeting with Jesus is on the Way. If you want to see Jesus it is necessary to walk with him along the way. This expression brings a beautiful reflection i.e. Jesus is God’s missionary. Today´s Gospel showed this. Jesus is walking in Jericho. The Lord has a goal to follow. It’s the road taken that makes the difference in people’s lives; but it is important that we recognize in the present day what Jericho’s blind man did. He shouted out to Christ asking for his salvation -in this case to see. If life takes away your capacity to see, God provides a good throat to scream and ears to hear the Lord’s steps in the crowd. I guess this is the example of blindness; it opens other senses with which to see the Lord. In the contemporary world there is much noise that does not allow listening to Jesus. So is necessary to have a little silence to hear the Lord.


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