Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr Jorge Pinheiro, cmf

The Son of Man has come to seek and to save what was lost.

This Gospel always shows a picture of Zacchaeus climbing a tree; a rich man in an awkward position. The gospel also indicates that he was of short stature, but this then contrasts this with his great soul and his ability to convert. However, let's look at this episode from the view of Christ, a human who welcomed many people, but who was also pleased to be received by others. He invites himself to be in Zacchaeus’ house and sits at his table; a gesture of honour.  Where we open up our intimacy, our life is no different today; when we want to know the news about our neighbours we call them to our tables. Put people on the same table. It does not matter if they are tax collectors, Pharisees, wealthy or poor. Everyone has his place reserved at the master’s table. We wish to sit at the table of Christ and feel his presence; we wish to be transformed into what God has dreamed for each of us.


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