Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr Jorge Pinheiro, cmf

Jesus Christ received royalty from the Father; he is the king of the universe; by his resurrection he has received an incomparable inheritance. However, he wants to share this inheritance with every human being on this earth, so he entrusts gifts and talents to us. It is part of our Christian life to know how to manage our lives so that we do the best we can with what God has given us. The parable today presents two situations: the first a man who even amid difficulties, administrated well and his work paid off, and another who hid his skills and did not put them to use.  Both have a different outcome; while one was trusted with big goods, the other was tried for not matching what was requested. To administer life for the cause of Jesus and his kingdom means to be fully available to spend your life with others. Today's liturgy calls us to think about how we administrate the goods that God offers knowing that in an unexpected time we have to be accountable.


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