Commentary on the Gospel of

Catie Bacon - Creighton University's Human Resourses

As part of today’s ‘Alleluia,’ 2 Timithoy 1:10 is referenced. It is not a lengthy verse, tremendously poetic, or difficult to absorb. In fact, I find myself completely awestruck at the simplicity of the verse, “Our Savior Jesus Christ has destroyed death and brought life to light through the Gospel.”  That one short sentence tells me so much about our God. Unlike any other, he defeated death. And unlike any other, He is still alive today through the Gospel. Through the death and resurrection, we have been shown the way to eternal life. The only way, is through Jesus Christ. 

I used to think that if I was a “good person” that would be enough to earn a ticket to heaven. I reasoned with myself that my sin wasn’t all that bad. It was easy to point out others and say to myself, “at least I’m not doing that.”  But now that I have read the word carefully and matured in my faith, I understand that no matter how many good deeds I do, that will never be enough to make me worthy of an eternity with the Creator. It is by the blood of Jesus that my sins have been forgiven, that my debt has been canceled and that I am a new creation. Because of His death, I now have life.


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