Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr Jaime Bosch cmf

Tue Nov 22nd - Lk 21:5-11

At the time of Jesus, Jerusalem’s Temple must have been of impressive beauty and magnificence, full of life, particularly during the big festivals; that is when Jesus and his disciples were looking at it, from the Mount of Olives. Every Israelite could feel proud about that big ensemble, which had taken 46 years to be built and still wasn’t totally finished. Jesus puts a break on that enthusiastic contemplation and suggests a more realistic view. Judea was already submitted to the Roman Empire which would later destroy the temple and the whole holy city: no stone upon stone would be left.

In quiet times, even of only relative calm, one has to lay the foundation to be able to resist the crisis, that will surely come. "Take care, not to be deceived!" The disciples would like to get concrete information, but the true preparation is strengthening the spirit. "Many will come" with proposals, theories, ideologies, even using the name of God… We need not have all the responses nor certainties. Our world may be confusing. We cannot seek refuge in visions that seem firm and beautiful, nor in promises and illusory shortcuts. Only a living and engaged relation with Christ allows us to find in him the way, the truth and the life. 


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