Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr Jaime Bosch cmf

Wed Nov 23rd - Lk 21:12-19

No one can say that Jesus didn't speak clearly to his disciples about the destiny they could expect; just as he knew very well the fate that waited for he himself. "Are you able to drink the cup I am to drink?"

Jesus came to reveal the Father's love, the one who makes the sun shine over good and evil alike. He went about doing good, showing forgiveness and teaching to forgive. Nevertheless, the fact of approaching sinners, and eating with them caused some people to be scandalized. He was plainly rejected by those who should know better God's attitudes, having recited thousands of times the psalm: "for his love endures forever".

Christ's disciple will not differ from the master: he will be persecuted, betrayed, hated and killed. All for the sake of Jesus's name. We know, this is a dramatic reality for many Christians in many countries today. And even where Christians aren't physically abused, Jesus's name is often also despised, mistaken, derided.

But Jesus assures us: "that will be the opportunity to bear witness", and that witness will not consist of human words, prepared by us. The spirit of the Father supports the witness of those who are offended for the sake of Jesus. Not a hair of our head will be lost. Jesus himself is our response, he gives the strength to resist. The steadfast fidelity to him is what makes us win our life. 


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