Commentary on the Gospel of

Fr Jaime Bosch cmf

Sat Nov 26th - Lk 21:34-36

Using once again the apocalyptic language, Jesus seems to speak about the "D" day of our salvation: "That Day". This is the critical day on which our salvation depends. But turning back to common, not apocalyptic language, we can say that the "D" day is not necessarily the "last day". 

Every day can be a day of grace or of disgrace, depending on what we decide to do: freely opening ourselves to the dialog, the encounter with God and fellow man and woman, or isolating ourselves, preferring our own interests, vanities and narcissism. Every day will be a day of salvation, or a day of perdition.

Jesus warns us, not to let our hearts be weighed down with dissipation, drunkenness or care of this life. We have to pray, because every opportunity is a unique one, which will not come back again. Perdition means every lost chance to live the true life. We should stay awake, says Jesus, not to weaken ourselves, to be able to overcome all kind of adversities to come, and to stand upright in front of the Son of Man. 


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