Commentary on the Gospel of

Michael Kelly-Creighton University's School of Law



Today’s readings are about speaking the truth and hearing it.  Both in the Old Testament reading from Genesis and the Gospel reading from Matthew, Joseph tries to speak the truth to his brothers who do not want to hear it and Jesus speaks the truth through a parable that the priests and Pharisees do not want to hear.  In both instances, the speakers are either threatened with death or killed.  But truth is truth and eventually it will be heard no matter how long those who don’t wish to hear it avoid it.  In Joseph’s case, we learn in later chapters that the truth of his dream-based prophecies from God earn him the trust of those who initially enslave or imprison him.  In Jesus’ case, the truth of his parables earn him the trust of the people – which prevents him from being arrested because the leaders fear a revolt.

But faith plays a central role as well.  Faith in the truth being spoken carries the speakers through all the disbelief to eventual vindication.  Without faith, the strength to continue speaking the truth in the face of adversity may wane.  We are now living in an era where truth as fact is being heavily debated and counter-truths are being offered masquerading as truth.  This makes adherence to the truth even more difficult.  But faith can keep us on the right path!  In the end, like Joseph and Jesus, we will be vindicated.


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