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Fred Hanna-Creighton University's Fine and Performing Arts Department
Today my son ran a marathon.  While watching the 1,300 people run, some struggled, some walked, some shuffled, some ran slow, some ran fast.  But while only one person was first, everyone was a winner.  Running the race is a success for all the runners which includes benefits that far outweigh the difficult struggle they endured – strong lungs, strong heart, better overall health.  The struggled was short, but the benefit is long.


It occurred to me that the race we all run for Christ has benefits that outweigh the struggles we endure in our daily lives – eternal life with Jesus.  If we keep the Gospel lesson in mind, we know that we 'will have trouble', but are encouraged that He has 'conquered the world.'


Keep running!


on 29/5/17
It is difficult to understand the master plan of God Almighty. I also find it difficult to understand why we have to suffer like this. But, when Jesus speaks about His peace he is offering, I have no words to say; I only have hands and a heart open-wide to accept it. I so much need it.

Today, I am feeling so uninspired. This is why I have sought for the readings today here.
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