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Steve Scholer-Creighton University's University Relations

When we have something of great value and want to keep it safe, we probably think of padlocks, alarms or steel doors. We even may use the phrase, “It is locked up tighter than Ft. Knox” to indicate just how important this item is to us and how important it is that it never be lost or stolen.

But as we see in today’s first reading, the most valuable item each of us will ever possess is not stored in a super secure location but is, instead, stored in an earthen vessel, one that is made from the dust we once were and will once again become – our bodies. So what is this most valuable possession, this treasure we hold in our bodies?  It is the Gospel of the Lord, or as some would say, the teachings of Christ that fills our hearts, souls and minds.

What a wonderful feeling it is to know that we own something more valuable than all the gold in Ft. Knox and that this magnificent treasure is within us each and every day. But as Paul alludes to in the reading, with great treasure comes great responsibility, duty and sacrifice, for living the Gospel is not easy. Much like the old saying about knowing too much for your own good, having our earthen vessel filled with the Gospel will at times leave us afflicted but not constrained; perplexed, but not destroyed; persecuted, but not abandoned.

Jesus never said that it would be easy to follow his teachings, but isn’t that what God really wants of us? To live a life of choices that glorify Him and our relationship with Him? To do the right thing when it comes to serving others, even when no one is watching? To live a life filled with love for all mankind?

During your Examen of Consciousness, think about this wonderful gift that we have and God’s will for each of us. Do we put this gift to good use; or, do we have it locked up tight, treasuring it and saving it only for our personal needs and desires? If it is locked up, unlock it and find ways to use it, by helping others, by sharing the Good News, or by just smiling at someone in line at the grocery store and offering them a kind word.

God did not give us this gift to hoard, for the Gospel is for everyone. He gave it to us to share for the greater glory of God, so that others may know of His love for us. And remember, this gift cannot be exhausted, no matter how hard we try, so share it with others liberally, confident that our earthen vessels will never in our lifetime be depleted of the teachings of Christ.


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