Commentary on the Gospel of

Fred Hanna-Creighton University's Department of Fine & Performing Arts
I tell my students, learning to read music is like a magician explaining how the trick works.  We look at the most basic, hidden, features of notes, intervals, scales, clefs, chords, etc., and how they interact with one another.  And in the end, we are able to better understand the intangible.  We can't touch music, but we can understand it better than we did before.  

Recently, I was able to view a total solar eclipse with my youngest son.  We didn't really understand how the solar cycles, the sun and moon, the uniqueness of totality all came together but still could not grasp the magnitude of the event.  We both concluded that we would have to wait for the event to take place.  And WOW! The total eclipse did not disappoint.  

Understanding why things are they way they are is always a mystery, isn't it?  Today, especially – September 11, is a mystery that we do not truly understand.  We will have to let God explain at the right time.

There is no magic in the word of God, and in no way can my story compare to the mystery of Christ, but the struggle Paul was having needed some rationality.  We can rejoice with Paul as He "rejoice[d]…to bring to completion for [the Colossians]…the word of God."  Joy!  


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