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We have heard this injunction so many times before that we are no longer struck by its challenge. But if we begin to ponder on it anew we are struck by the fact that the measure of love for others that is demanded of us is our love for ourselves. We are often taught as children not to be selfish. So what is the difference between being selfish and lo­ving ourselves? Loving ourselves means doing all that would make us healthier, saner, happier, holier human beings. So we take care of our bodies nourishing ourselves with healthy food, avoiding what will cause sickness to our bodies like smoking, drinking and all other forms of

addiction. We develop good habits and strive to grow spiritually. And this is what we wish for others and we do what we can to help them attain this well being of body and spirit. Being selfish means to gratify all what our body craves even if it is harmful to it or to think solely of ourselves, indifferent to the needs of others or even to the extent of depriving others of what is due to them. Thus there is a healthy self-love which is our gauge in loving others.


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