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One prayer that does not use any word is MEDITATION. In mediation, we do not ask God for this and that, we do not speak words of praise, or sorrow, or thanksgiving. But all these are present in us when we are just present to the PRESENCE. People who are in love do not have to talk to each other. They are in bliss just being in each other’s presence. So it is when one meditates. One does not think. In fact thoughts would be a distraction. One does not also frantically banish thoughts. One just takes note of them and they disappear. Do you know that when rain falls on a duck’s back, it does not penetrate its feathers? Yes, because there is oil in a duck‘s feathers, so the water just rolls off the duck‘s back to the ground. In meditation, our thoughts also can just roll off like that when we do not pay attention to them. Instead we focus on our breath — breathing in, breathing out (God’s ruah!) and we may have a mantra like “peace,” “love,” “Jesus,” etc. It is the only way we can go into the depths of our being and meet the God who dwells in us.


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