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It is human to want certainty in our life. And so when we pray for a decision we have to make, we ask for a sign to confirm our decision. This might happen once in a while. But for the most part this does not happen. Or we may tend to interpret something as a sign because it happens to be in accordance with what we want. In most cases God wants us to use the intelligence and free will we are gifted with to make our decisions. There are commandments and guidelines to help us, but we still have to use our judgment and also consider the context we are in. Is it possible that we make the wrong decision? Yes of course. But many times in the long run and on hindsight, what we thought was a mistake did become a stepping stone to success in the future. So instead of asking for signs, it is spiritually healthier to prayerfully discern what we have to do, courageously take action and leave everything in God’s hands.


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