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Peace is the most wanted commodity in our times. There is so much violence in our world: economic, political, cultural, religious, gender, domestic. It is appalling to read of students capable of gunning down their classmates and teachers in broad daylight. So everyone is longing for peace. But peace in society is not possible unless we, individually, are men and women of peace. It is so clear in Christ’s teaching that it is so important that he commands us to postpone our worship and first make peace with our neighbor before we offer sacrifice or go to the Church to take part in worship. This is more important to him than all the sacrifices and rituals in the world. We have to initiate peace, never mind if we are the older one, the aggrieved one, the “faultless” one. This certainly needs humility and generosity. But it could start a circle of peace which could link with other circles of peace until there is actually peace in the whole community. Indeed: BLESSED ARE THE PEACEMAKERS FOR THEY SHALL BE CALLED THE CHILDREN OF GOD.


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