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Jesus as a Formator never ceased to point out to his disciples the difference between the values of the world and the values of the Kingdom of God he was establishing on earth. One of the most glaring contrast of these two values is the understanding of power. The world’s view of power is to use it for domination, exploitation, oppression or for vainglory. When one has wealth or in a position of power, one expects adulation, admiration, praise, prestige. One wants to be in the center of everything. One can also use power to coerce people to do what one wants them to do, to exploit their gifts to augment one’s wealth. Worse still, one can use power to cause suffering to people who oppose and do not follow one’s will. In contrast to this, Jesus wishes us to use power for the good of people, to serve them in their needs, to make them bloom. Pope Francis is truly a disciple of Jesus in this regard. He uses the power and prestige of the papacy to give joy to people, to heal the sick, to denounce those who cause poverty and suffering in the world.


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