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One can almost see the frustration and maybe even despair of this paralytic who always comes late to the healing waters of the pool because there was no one to help him. And yet he kept on coming back day after day for 38 years hoping against hope that he could be healed. And then came his KAIROS. He still did not have anyone to help him into the pool, but this time he needed no one because the healer himself came to him and healed him. Sometimes God makes healing depend on the help of other people, maybe to encourage kindness, generosity, helpfulness and compassion. It is a grace not only for the people we help but for us also if we get the opportunity to be the instrument of God in healing people. Remember what Pope Francis said: ”The task of the church is not to make dogmatic and moral pronouncements but to heal wounds and warm the hearts of people.” I think this is the most beautiful way of expressing what Gospel (Good News) means. “Loving God, thank you for once in a while making me an instrument of your compassion in healing people and warming their hearts.” 


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