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This is a constant reminder in the Bible that life is like a flower that blooms for a while then fades and dies. We often hear people say: How time flies. When we are young time seems so long but when we are in our sunset years time seems to pass quickly. Because life is so short every minute of it should be spent wisely, fruitfully and joyfully. Why waste time on hating others, in worrying, in negative thoughts, in regretting things that are past. Every morning when we wake up, don’t we realize that no one promised us a “tomorrow” and therefore that this new day is an undeserved gift? So we say a grateful thanks for being given another day and resolve to make each precious minute a chance to see the beautiful things around us, to appreciate the kindness of people, to take the opportunity to give joy to someone, or just to live it fully in joy and contentment. If we live each moment in mindfulness, then it does not matter how short life is, because we have lived it fully.  


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