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We always think that if Jesus were living with us now, it would be easier for us to believe. I don’t think so. Just the opposite. In fact the people who were his neighbors were the first to doubt him since they saw him as an ordinary boy, an ordinary man, the son of their neighbor carpenter Joseph and his wife Mary who is the friend of the wives in the neighborhood. So how could they believe that this ordinary man is indeed the Son of God the Savior of the World, the King of the world to come. That is why when they heard him speak they could not but exclaim: NO ONE HAS EVER SPOKEN LIKE THIS MAN. Because aside from being just their neighbor, he was saying things that contradicted all they had been taught. He would say, “It has been said of old…BUT I SAY TO YOU…” Instead of hating enemies, He said one must love one’s enemies. Instead of a “tooth for a tooth” he says one must forgive 70 times 7 times. Instead of lamenting that one is poor, one should feel blessed. He said his flesh is food indeed and his blood is drink indeed. And finally he said, 3 days after he would be crucified, HE SHALL RISE AGAIN FROM THE DEAD. No one has indeed ever spoken like this man, because he is not a mere man, but is truly the SON OF GOD. 


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