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Lectio Divina 

Read: Yahweh declares a new Covenant whereby He would forgive and forget people’s wrongdoings and inscribe His Law of Love in their hearts. Jesus preaches the Grain Theory: how death leads to abundance of life. The letter to the Hebrews speaks about how Jesus practiced this theory.  


Reflect: Pope Francis, in his Jubilee Retreat to priests in June 2016, remarked: “True Grace is to forget.” Not anamnesis, but amnesia. The scriptural readings of the day confirm it. God promises to forget our sins, forever. Can there be a greater grace? Jesus invites us to forget ourselves – can there be a greater grace either? Jesus is not preaching about doing violence to ourselves (he didn’t say, “kill yourself”); rather, he gives us a “Grain Theory,” talking about a certain spiritual forgetfulness by which we let our lives fall so that we are free to become life for the world. The inability to forget is a sign of sickness and ill health – like our constant obsession with our teeth when we have a toothache. When our teeth are healthy, we forget we have teeth, but use them well. Or, when we have headache, we obsess about our head; but when we are healthy in head, we forget we have one, but use it well. Similarly, when we are sick in self, we obsess about our self; when we are healthy in our self, we simply forget we have one, let it fall and become bread for the world.  


Pray: Lord, give me the true grace of forgetfulness.  


Act: Observe nature and see how death naturally leads to life; and how resistance to death leads to ossification of life. 


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